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Abbott, Geoffrey W.
The molecular basis for ion channel physiology and pathophysiology. Mouse genetics, electrophysiology, imaging.

Bondy, Stephen
Neurotoxicology, biochemistry of free radical mechanisms

Borrelli, Emiliana
Mouse models for the study of brain disorders; dopamine system; molecular basis of addiction and neurodegeneration

Cahill, Catherine M.
To understand the intersection between chronic pain and opioid abuse focusing on neuroplasticity in reward circuitry.

Civelli, Olivier
The discovery of novel neurotransmitters and neuropeptides and the search for their function in the organism

Ehlert, Fred
Analysis of drug receptor interactions; functional role of muscarinic receptors

Gee, Kelvin
Novel molecular targets for neuropharmacological agents and drug discovery

Hoshi, Naoto
Physiological role and regulation of the M-channel, molecular biology, electrophysiology and live cell FRET imaging

Leslie, Frances
Addiction, drugs of abuse and brain development

Longhurst, John
Neuroreflex control of the cardiovascular system; integrative physiology; central neural mechanisms of electroacupuncture

Lotfipour, Shahrdad
Research objectives are to understand the mechanisms mediating adolescent addictive disorders.

Luo, David
Study gene regulation and signaling pathways in chronic pain processing using animal models, and molecular biology techniques

Zhou, Qun-yong
Novel GPCRs, physiology and pharmacology of prokineticins and prokineticin receptors; circadian rhythms and neurogenesis

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