The field of Neuroscience is an inherently broad and multidisciplinary area of scientific pursuit and scholarship. It has intellectual links to fields as diverse as developmental and cell biology, molecular biology, physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, psychology, computer science, and physics. The substantial breadth of Neuroscience is one of its strengths as a discipline, and one of the features that makes it an attractive and important area for graduate study. The Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP) at UC Irvine provides a vehicle for meeting the diversity and challenges of graduate training in such a broad discipline. Faculty from several departments and schools, whose research in neuroscience is guided by many disciplines, participate in the INP. Students in this umbrella program have the opportunity to train with any faculty member of a participating department and are exposed to a variety of approaches before deciding on a research area for focused dissertation work. After the initial year of general neuroscience training, students join the more specialized graduate program of their chosen thesis advisor.

The INP program is proud to announce GPS-BIOMED (Graduate Professional Success for Biomedical trainees), a new NIH-funded program for professional development of graduate students in the biomedical sciences. UCI is the only research institution in Southern California with such a program.